VOTCH | Presence // April 2017

Fashion commercial I shot and co-directed.

VOTCH | Night Out // July 2016

A spec fashion film that I shot and edited. 

Miles and Miles (Test) // May 2016

Drone + Warp effects test. Music by Bas

Front Crawl // April 2016

Music video for Profresher that I Co-Directed (alongside Jonah Haber) and shot. 

Dinner Party // April 2016

A short narrative shot on 16mm film.

** Winner of 'Best Individual Film' at the Ryerson Film Studies end of year screening. 

The Swavenation Tour // February 2016

I was given the opportunity to join Bas and Tory Lanez on tour in February (2016) as a videographer/photographer. My job was to capture both the on stage performances as well as the behind the scenes tour lifestyle. 

set time: milk 📷: @aidan #TooHighToRiot - 3/4/16

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Ottawa 🇨🇦 2/15 @smfiends 📹: @aidan

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Three 16mm films that I made during my first semester (late 2015) in the Ryerson Film Studies program.

KASM // May 2015

** Winner of the Gertrude Lowengren Award for 'Best Narrative Film' as part of the TIFF Next Wave Jump Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase (2015)

"Very good, Inventive and not boring. Thank god it wasn't pretentious gobshite."

"Camera specs? And the follow shots, what did you use? Movi?"

"I liked it a lot. I got a real M.C. Escher vibe from this."

Love-In Security // January 2015